Rainy Days

Today I got to enjoy a cup a coffee as the raindrops slid down the window pain and watch the waves on the lake as they crash into shore. For a moment I forgot I was on my couch, the world was quite yet, yet so loud when I allowed myself to open up to the sounds around me. There were no cars or distant sounds to disturb my moment, only the rush of the wind and the tapping of rain filling my mind. What need do I have for a television on a rainy day when I can curl up in a blanket beside the window with a comforting cup of coffee in my hand.

What beauty the rain brings, the world becomes vibrant with lush greens and the earth becomes cleansed. For those who disagree obviously you have never had the pleasure of experiencing the rain on the solace of an acreage.  The pure scent of rain in the air, the soft humid air on your skin and the only sound to be heard is the light taps of water on the ground as each droplet lands. When I see the rain clouds in the skies darkening the land my senses yearn for the moment the rain begins to fall. Out here, rain means the trees I have just planted will grow and flourish as well as the grass will become a deep green. It makes all of the hard work worth it, knowing that eventually someday those trees will be used for climbing for children or that they will provide me with the privacy that I desire.

Find the beauty in every moment, it will be there waiting for you to embrace it.

Till next week...

- LaRelle


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